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Equine Original StemCell Fluid for horses

Equine Original StemCell Fluid for horses
StemPhase original Equine stem cell fluid injections contain high levels of paracrine growth factors (VEGF, CTGF, etc) which are similar to those factors present in platelet rich plasma. (PRP).
Mass spectrometric analysis shows that StemPhase Original Equine injections contains various therapeutic proteins (gelsolin, cronin, hemopexin, fibronectin short chain and a-fibrinogen, among others) know to support the equines own tissue healing process.
Granuloma fluid secreted by the equine stem cell, comprised of various paracrine growth factors, healing proteins and suspected immune-suppressive factors produce long-term effects; significant improvement observed in the treatment of chronic indications in the horse.

Caution: This Injectible Is Sold Only To And Administered By a Licensed Veterinarian


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